Khaz'goroths Mut

Khaz'goroth's Courage
Item Level 940

Binds when picked up
Unique-Equipped: Path of the Titans 1
+2,994 Strength
Equip: Your damaging attacks have a chance to make your weapon glow hot with the fire of Khaz'goroth's forge, causing your autoattacks to do 1 * Mainhand weapon base speed * 32766 additional Fire damage for 12 sec.

Khaz'goroth's Shaping
When empowered by the Pantheon, your Critical Strike, Haste, Mastery, or Versatility is increased by 2282 for 15 sec. Khaz'goroth always empowers your highest stat.

Requires Level 110
Sell Price: 52 84 29
Dropped by: Argus the Unmaker