WoW: Anpassungen bei Schmuckstücken aus der Nachtfestung

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Mit der Eröffnung des mythischen Schwierigkeitsgrades in der Nachtfestung erwarten uns nicht nur Klassenänderungen, sondern auch starke Anpassungen bei einigen Schmuckstücken aus der Nachtfestung. Der Schaden erhöht sich bei mehreren Trinkets teilweise um bis zu 30-85%. Daher sollte jeder Raider nochmal einen Blick auf die kommenden Änderungen werfen.

In general, we’ve found that our tuning on trinkets which relied on a direct damage or healing effect (as opposed to their raw stats) have come up a bit short this expansion. To help address that, we’re making the following changes:

  • Klaue des kristallinen Skorpiden: Damage increased by 30%.
  • Finger des Arkanogolems: Damage increased by 30%.
  • Verschlungene Elementarfokusse: The amount of Critical Strike, Mastery, and Haste granted by this item’s proc has been increased by 5%.
  • Macht von Krosus: Base damage reduced by 25%, but is now always a critical strike.
    • The tooltip for Might of Krosus will display the amount of damage that will result from the critical hit, not the base damage.
    • Also fixed a bug where the cooldown was incorrectly being reduced if Might of Krosus damaged at least 3 targets.
  • Destillat der Seelen: The Use effect of this trinket now respects the global cooldown.
    • The damage of this trinket is now reduced by 30% for Unholy Death Knights (was reduced by 40%).
    • Designer Notes: Since Draught of Souls deals Shadow Damage, it’s increased by Unholy’s Mastery, which means we needed to reduce its base damage to keep its overall value similar to other classes. It’s currently a little too low, however, so we’re increasing the damage it deals for Unholy.
  • Ikone des Verrottens: Damage increased by 40%.
  • Pharameres verbotenes Grimoire: Damage increased by 85%.
  • Zorn des brennenden Himmels: Damage increased by 40%.
  • Sternentor: Damage increased by 30%.
  • Aluriels Spiegel: Healing-over-time amount increased by 140%. Detonation effect reduced by 35%.
    • Designer Notes: Aluriel’s Mirror’s detonation effect is strong when it activates, but hard to rely on. We’re increasing the heal-over-time effect significantly to improve the up-front value of this trinket, and reducing the detonation effect slightly to compensate.
  • Perfekt erhaltener Kuchen: Absorb amount increased by 140%.
  • Etraeus' Himmelskarte: The amount of Critical Strike, Mastery, and Haste granted by this item’s proc has been increased by 5%.

As for Convergence of Fates, we’re spending a little extra time to make sure our changes here are as comprehensive as possible, so we don’t have final numbers yet. However, we can share our overall plan for the changes we intend to make. We intend to reduce its base effectiveness (before talents) for Windwalkers, and increase its base effectiveness for Retribution Paladins and Frost and Unholy Death Knights. Separately, we plan to adjust its effectiveness individually for the following talents:


  • Serenity (Windwalker)
  • Crusade (Retribution Paladin)
  • Incarnation (Feral Druid)
  • Hungering Rune Weapon (Frost Death Knight)
  • Dark Arbiter (Unholy Death Knight)

We’re planning to make these changes with the next weekly restarts, alongside the release of Mythic Nighthold. Overall, this should make the trinkets in Nighthold more competitive with other trinkets available elsewhere in the expansion.

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