Inhalte vom neuen Battle for Azeroth Alpha-Build 26095

Geschrieben von Telias am 23.02.2018 um 09:07

Heute Nacht ist ein neuer Alpha-Build für Battle for Azeroth erschienen. Mit diesem werden wieder mehrere neue Features aus der kommenden WoW Erweiterung getestet. Zu den Freischaltungen und Inhalten gehören:

Die neue Charakter-Höchststufe liegt bei 116.

Battle for Azeroth Tiragardesund

We’ve just updated with a new Alpha build, and we have some new things to test.

This build focuses Alliance testers on the zone Tiragarde Sound, while Horde testers will be questing in Zuldazar.

The Tol Dagor dungeon is available. This prison island outside Boralus was initially designated to hold ruthless pirates and criminals, but under Pricilla Ashvane’s malevolent influence, conditions therein have reached a boiling point. Once you’ve played through the dungeon, leave your feedback in the Tol Dagor discussion thread in our Alpha General Discussion forum.

As before, the level cap is 116.

A reminder – we’re working to fix issues that impact testing. This is an early Alpha test, and you may experience unexpected crashes and other misbehavior, including a known crash when minimizing the client. Please feel free to participate in the issue threads in our Alpha Bug Report forum.

As always, we appreciate your feedback. Thank you very much for testing Battle for Azeroth with us!


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