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World of Warcraft: Klassenanpassungen beim Todesritter mit Patch 9.2

Geschrieben von Telias am 20.12.2021 um 11:20

Mit jedem Patch werden kleine oder umfangreiche Klassenanpassungen bei allen Klassen vorgenommen. Welche Pläne das Entwicklerteam mit dem Todesritter hat, wurde nun verraten. Folgende Klassenanpassungen sind mit Patch 9.2 bei den drei Spezialisierungen geplant.


Update beim Todesritter

Folgende Update gab es beim Todesritter.

hey folks! similar to the rogue thread, it felt like death knights would appreciate the gift of a follow-up post to last week’s update with a look at some of the changes that will be coming in January, as a winter veil present to make up for not seeing iteration & bug fixes on the PTR this week.

for both of the bonuses we’re showing today, try to center feedback around your impressions of them on a feel-level; both the Unholy set and Frost’s 2-piece have generated a lot of discussion on that angle over their actual power level, so these iterations seek to address those concerns while capturing the original goals of the sets.


  • 2-piece Bonus: Every 5 Scourge Strikes / Clawing Shadows casts Soul Reaper on your target and summons a Ghoul for 12 seconds.
  • 4-piece Bonus: Soul Reaper causes your pet to deal 20% increased damage. If Soul Reaper’s secondary effect triggered, all of your pets gain 20% increased damage instead.

while we think there’s still value and excitement in a bonus that interacts with Soul Reaper & pushes Unholy’s more single-target/execute niche (as compared to Frost), it was clear that having an entire bonus inactive unless in execute was a bridge too far and could lead to some major tuning issues. this set seeks to retain that goal while also emphasizing the ‘undead commander’ fantasy of Unholy that the original promised.

before anyone asks, yes all pets means apoc ghoul, garg, aotd, you name it. go crazy.

for Frost, this bonus is a little more experimental, so really curious to see what people think of it - again, numbers may be too high/low, don’t make me tap the sign


  • 2-piece Bonus: Gaining a Rune has a 15% chance to grant Killing Machine. Consuming Killing Machine increases your Strength by 2% for 6 seconds.

the above bonus seeks to accomplish the previous one’s goal of ‘generate more KM procs for the 4-piece’ but in a way that feels a little more in your hands. Gaining a Rune here means both as part of talents and passives like Murderous Efficiency and Runic Empowerment, but also whenever a Rune refreshes naturally. The strength kicker also stacks, so hitting multiple KM’s within a moderate duration via fishing for 2p procs or talents like Obliteration gain a lot of value here as well.

It’s worth noting for the vocal group of players who only want to play Breath of Sindragosa, that those builds generate a lot of extra Runes as well which should hopefully still make it a viable option.

as for blood players - there’s nothing to share at the moment, other than there’s still a desire to find a middle ground for solo-tanking and multi-target tanking that feels good for the bonus, though more data and feedback on a non-bugged version is necessary before figuring out where to take it.

thanks for being patient, and we’ll see you all again in January!

Quelle: Blizzard

Happy Friday Death Knights! Apologies for the delayed response, but your feedback here – and across all of the many different channels we’re reading and viewing – has been invaluable. Let’s talk about next steps and what sorts of changes we’re considering & bugs you should see addressed in future builds. Thanks to some of y’all for reporting these!

Frost -

  • Glacial Advance should fire when Killing Machine is consumed by Frostscythe
  • Looking into reports of Glacial Advance sometimes overwriting Killing Machine’s buff mid-flight

In general, Frost seems to be doing well from a a power level perspective and both bonuses have a bit more going on to them than at first glance. However, something we’ll be exploring in a future update (as in, likely not this very next build) is a sort of re-packaging of the 2-piece to keep it at the same power level but have more integration into the kit - likely aimed at generating or planning out Killing Machine applications, which in turn may make the 4-piece feel smoother to play.

Blood -

  • Endless Rune Waltz’s strength and Dancing Rune Weapon extension should only trigger when Heart Strike is cast, not based on the number of targets hit
  • Numerous inconsistencies with the 4-piece’s on-parry Heart Strike not triggering the 2-piece, or interacting with talents

Goals are to clean up the interactions between Heart Strike and the rest of the tier set - the intent here is for the 4-pieces’s Heart Strike to trigger basically any and all effects a normal one would. This should make it a lot more powerful in standard situations, while fixing the bug that’s letting people solo entire high level keys on their own (oops lmao). Beyond that, we’ll be adding an internal cooldown for the on-parry trigger to have better control over its output for future tuning. Looking towards future updates, a piece of recurring feedback so far has been the pretty stark difference in value and excitement between this set as it pertains to tanking in Mythic+ vs Raid tanking. While the nature of the set’s design is simply that it’s going to favor one over the other, it’s still worth exploring for ways to keep the sort of ‘endless’ value engine in multi-target scenarios while finding a better boost for our Raiders. There’s a few thoughts about how to achieve that (such as frontloading more of the 2-piece’s value), but you won’t see that addressed immediately.

Unholy -

  • In some instances, Unholy’s pet isn’t actually receiving the 20% attack speed buff as advertised
  • Overlapping applications of Soul Reaper (from the 2-piece and the base spell) will cause whichever was applied later to be slower to detonate than normal
  • A big one: When a unit dies with Soul Reaper on it, an Army ghoul from 4p isn’t being spawned - this was intended functionality to give the set value in cleave/Mythic+ that didn’t quite make it to PTR

Unholy’s a tricky one to balance given it’s based on Execute windows, but some of the aforementioned bugs are making it much worse outside of Execute than it’s intended to be. We’re going to make all of the above changes and watch a bit while revisiting exactly how the 4-piece’s summon should work. There’s been a lot of feedback that due to it being an Army of the Dead ghoul its duration should be upped to 30 seconds, but also desire to have it spawn Maguses via talents as well. What seems most likely at the current moment is moving to 30s duration and no Magus spawn, but we’re going to take a bit to decide which one to pursue. It’s worth noting that even with a buff to the 4-piece, it’s very possible to see it reined back in (or testing out the other option) due to tuning concerns, so your continued feedback, testing, and theorizing is incredibly valuable!

That’s all! TL:DR - expect all of the listed bugs to be fixed alongside some minor functionality changes, with later builds focusing on updates to the Unholy 4-piece, Blood 2-piece, and Frost 2-piece (in about that order of priority). Suffer well, knights.

Quelle: Blizzard

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