World of Warcraft
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Patch 8.3

Hotfix - 9. September

Geschrieben von Triforce am 09.09.2011 um 13:05

Ein neuer Hotfix hat die amerikanischen Server besiedelt und wird wohl auch bald bei uns aufschlagen. Folgende Änderungen bringt dieser mit sich:

Dungeons & Raids

  • The number of Smouldering Essences that can be collected from a single boss in 25-person Firelands on Heroic difficulty has been reduced.
  • The number of Smouldering Essences that can be collected from a single boss in 10-person Firelands on normal mode has been increased.
  • Beth'tilac
    • The hit points and damage done by drones and spiders in this encounter have been reduced by 10%.
  • Ragnaros
    • Ragnaros should now be crushing fewer souls on Heroic difficulty.
  • Kalecgos
    • Kalecgos should no longer despawn when first engaged.


  • The Wrath of Tarecgosa should no longer ignore cooldowns when a clone spell procs.
  • The Wrath of Tarecgosa should no longer trigger melee procs from trinkets, however, it should still trigger melee procs from abilities such as Flametongue Attack.
  • The trinket Variable Pulse Lightning Capacitor is now pulsier, with more lightning!
  • Moonwell Chalice should no longer grant its mastery rating bonus when the activating player unequips it.

Quests and Creatures

  • The vehicle entered when on the quest Punting Season should no longer provide players immunity to fall damage.
  • Scourged Flamespitters should no longer grant experience when killed.
  • Subdued Canyon Ettins from Redridge are no longer capable of being led to Stormwind.

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