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Tempel der Jadeschlange & Hof der Sterne als Mythic+ Dungeons in WoW Dragonflight

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Game Director Ion Hazzikostas erklärt in einem Interview, dass in Season 1 von World of Warcraft Dragonflight zwei Dungeons aus älteren Erweiterungen Teil der Mythic+ Rotation sind. Die Instanzen Tempel der Jadeschlange (Mists of Pandaria) und Hof der Sterne (Legion) kehren somit in Dragonflight zurück, um uns vor Langeweile beim Abfarmen der mythischen Dungeons zu beschützen.

Jede Saison in Dragonflight besteht aus vier neuen Dungeons und zwei Dungeons aus früheren Erweiterungen. Das sorgt für Abwechslung in Sachen spielerischer Herausforderung als auch Belohnungen und verhindert, dass uns das Aufwerten unserer Mythic Keys innerhalb der nächsten 12 bis 15 Monate schal wird.

Tempel der Jadeschlange als Mythic+ Dungeon in WoW Dragonflight

Ion Hazzikostas sagte in dem Interview folgendes:

Can you explain your intentions with the new expansion as far as the Mythic+ pool is concerned? You guys are obviously experimenting with bringing back keys from previous expansions now. I just wanted to know if you guys plan on continuing that or is this something that you guys are waiting to hear feedback on in this last season?

For sure that’s the path we’re going to take for Dragonflight Season 1. We’re already well underway on updating old dungeons. The plan is a pool of eight dungeons for the first Mythic+ season: four new Dragonflight dungeons, as well as some old fan favorites from across the years – a couple of examples are Temple of the Jade Serpent from Mists of Pandaria and Court of Stars from Legion, so everyone can go back and play “Guess Who?” again. And I think we’re really excited both to revisit some old dungeons but also to have a structure where really, a new Mythic+ season can mean as much variety as a new raid tier. There will be new challenges, new rewards, and a whole new set of problems to solve, which also frankly serves as a little bit of a community knowledge reset and makes for a smoother point of entry for players getting into the scene. Even though we have new seasonal affixes, we’ve observed over the course of an expansion that it’s challenging for people, when you’re 12-15 months in to the same dungeons, to reach the level of sophistication and refinement, and community expectations for what you’re supposed to know. It’s so stratospherically high that it can be a rough experience for someone trying to get into it later if you don’t have a patient group of friends to help you. We’re really hopeful and excited about the structure. Obviously whether we stick with it, whether it becomes the future of Mythic+, that’s goning depend on how it plays out, what we hear from the community. And as always, we’ll be listening and trying to refine and evolve it based on that feedback.

Quelle: Wowhead

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