Gildenbanken, VoIP, Ruinen von Lordaeron

Geschrieben von Dimension am 18.05.2007 um 10:26
In der amerikanischen Zeitschrift Games for Windows wird über Zukunftspläne nach dem Patch 2.1 gesprochen. Unter anderem wird dort über Gildenbanken, sowie VoIP berichtet. Außerdem soll die neue Arena Ruinen von Lordaeron (Ruins of Lordaeron) folgen.

Auch Blizzard hat sich zum Thema Voice Chat gemeldet und weitere Details verraten.

There will be a master on/off switch in the options if you don't want to use the system, as I think most could accurately assume there would be, as well as the ability to block specific players.

There are a lot of specifics and details left to be worked out, and certainly not ready to be discussed yet. A built-in voice chat system which you know everyone will have access to easily, also with an integrated interface, etc. has the potential to add a whole lot in the way of easily and quickly communicating with others in a more intuitive way, but if you don't want to participate you won't have to.

Bleibt anzuwarten ob mit dieser Änderung Programme wie Ventrillo oder Teamspeak überflüssig werden.

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Patch 8.1

Patch 8.1
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