Worldquests: Das Ende der BoE Items

Geschrieben von jessi am 13.09.2016 um 08:33

Im Forum gab nun ein Community Manager von Blizzard bekannt das Worldquests keine BoE Items mehr geben. BoE (Bind on Equip) bedeutet das diese Items erst beim Anlegen Seelengebunden werden und somit auch über das Aktionshaus verkauft werden konnten. Dies wurde jetzt mit einem Hotfix verhindert:

We’ve been working on a hotfix that adjusts World Quests to no longer reward BoE items. One of the features of the World Quest system is that as a player’s own item level increases, the quality of many World Quest item rewards rises as well. However, when these items can circulate throughout the economy, they can overshadow other sources of loot, and crafted items especially. World Quests should feel rewarding, but we want that to be because of a direct value to your character.

Part of the process of applying this hotfix is to effectively “re-roll” the rewards given by many of the World Quests that are currently active. We had intended to apply this hotfix during weekly maintenance in order to minimize the amount of disruption it would cause to players. However, due to an error on our part, the hotfix was pushed live earlier today. As a result, many World Quests had their rewards changed while realms were still active.

Unfortunately, if this caused you to miss out on a reward you were after, we are unable to reset the World Quest rewards back to what they were before the hotfix was applied. We’re deeply sorry for the mistake, and any inconvenience that was caused as a result.

Quelle: Blizzardforum

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