Patch 7.1: Änderung des Prestige-Systems

Geschrieben von Telias am 16.09.2016 um 13:27

Mit Patch 7.1 wird das Prestige-Systems ein wenig angepasst. Aktuell ist es so, dass wir auf Ehrenstufe 50 sämtliche Talente und Ehrenstufen verlernen, wenn wir uns für den Aufstieg eines Prestige-Levels entscheiden. Als Gegenleistung erhalten wir besondere Boni. Doch viele Spieler waren mit diesem System nicht sehr glücklich. Auch im Entwicklerteam waren einige nicht gerade begeistert. Daher verlieren wir ab Patch 7.1 keine PvP-Talente mehr.

PvP Prestigesystem

The original vision for the Prestige system was to create an extended progression system with a high cost that was purely optional and felt special. We wanted you to see someone with a Prestige badge and think, "Wow, that guy or gal did a crazy difficult grind to get that badge." To make that progression feel good, we added a lot of rewards along the way including artifact power, artifact appearances, mounts, toys, titles, etc. We did receive feedback, both internally and externally, that losing your honor talents didn't feel good and would be a significant impediment to particpating in Prestige. We were willing to live with that downside in order for Prestige to feel more exclusive and special. We try to get everyone honor talents quickly so they can feel competitive. But this also means you can work through the honor system quickly, arriving at level 50 with no where to go. So, we realize that more people will have more fun if they can continue to get rewards from PvP, even if Prestige loses a bit of its luster.

Thank you all for your feedback on this issue. We hope you continue to enjoy Legion and PvP!


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