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Auch in diesem Jahr findet Anfang November wieder die BlizzCon statt. Vom 2. bis 4. November 2018 zeigt uns Blizzard auf der hauseigenen Messe die Neuheiten in ihren Spielen. In den letzten Jahren hat die Spieleschmiede die Vorbereitungen und Berichterstattungen immer wieder erweitert. So auch in diesem Jahr. Am heutigen Abend, den 12. September 2018, findet um 24:00 Uhr (deutsche Zeit) die BlizzCon All-Access Kickoff Show statt.

BlizzCon All-Access Kickoff Show

Die Goody Bag wird dort vorgestellt, das Virtuelle Ticket soll verfügbar werden und der erste digitale Bonus verfügbar. Was genau es geben wird, erfahren wir im Stream.

Every BlizzCon is a piece of Blizzard Entertainment history. It’s a unique opportunity for us at Blizzard to geek out about our shared passion for games with our community and reveal what we’ve been working on with everyone. It’s also where our community comes to experience and help create unforgettable moments that last a lifetime.

This year, we’re kicking off BlizzCon season with a few firsts. We’ve created the “Blizzard Community Spotlight 2018” infographic, highlighting stats and fun facts about our players and what they do in and outside of our games, and with a few eye-popping facts about what goes into making BlizzCon a spectacle. We’ve also created a video campaign that lets all of you relive and vote on your favorite moments from BlizzCons past.

Then of course there’s this upcoming BlizzCon, which everyone will be able to follow via Virtual Ticket. Today, we’re giving the first glimpse of what’s to come when BlizzCon and Virtual Ticket 2018 programming kicks off in three weeks with the “BlizzCon All-Access Kick-Off Show.” Jump to the “Save the Dates” section at the bottom if you can’t wait to see what’s coming up.

Best of BlizzCons Past

It’s only fitting to start the festivities for our 12th BlizzCon, taking place this November 2–3, by giving you a chance to relive the most unforgettable moments from the show and vote on your all-time “Best of BlizzCon.”

Whether you were there in person, watched it online, or heard about it, every BlizzCon has its share of surprises and delights. These have been from announcements and surprises during our opening ceremony, from cameos from our favorite personalities, from epic esports moments. We’re trying to unearth the most memorable moments from all these categories, and then see what you decide are the best of all time.

We’ll be releasing new “Best of BlizzCon” videos from four different categories every two weeks, and you can vote on your favorite from each. Closer to the show, we’ll reveal the “Best of BlizzCon Moments of All Time.”  The campaign starts today with “Top BlizzCon Surprises,” and voting is live now!

Blizzard’s worlds are alive because of our vibrant player communities. To capture some of the characteristics we love most about our community, we decided to put together a fun infographic. It’s a mix of stats and fun facts for Blizzard, Blizzard franchises, and BlizzCon. There are insights here that that even we found surprising.

BlizzCon 2018 Save the Dates!

Every year we officially get BlizzCon into gear with our “BlizzCon All-Access Channel Kickoff Show”—a livestream featuring teases, reveals, and special guests. The show also marks the launch of the BlizzCon Virtual Ticket,

  • “BlizzCon All-Access Kickoff Show” Livestream—September 12
  • Tune in at at 3:00 p.m. PDT/11:00 p.m. GMT to see reveals for BlizzCon 2018, watch the BlizzCon Goody Bag unboxing, get the first in-game item (for BlizzCon ticket holders/Virtual Ticket holders) for Overwatch®, and more!


  • Catch the first episodes of these Virtual Ticket exclusive programs for free:
  • Build-A-Panel—Join in “crowd-crafting” the first-ever community-created panel for BlizzCon.
  • Drawn to Adventure—Witness the creative process in action as Blizzard artists share their process, insights, and inspirations.
  • The VaultSee historical items from our games that are too important—and in some cases too fragile—to keep anywhere other than under lock and key.
  • Elite CosplayFrom concept to creation, see the dedication, passion, and love of the game required to become a truly elite cosplayer.
  • Pause for LaughterGet ready for an unconventional, whimsical look at Blizzard games and the unique personalities who make up our player communities.
  • BlizzCon Virtual Ticket Pre-Show Programming—September 12 to October 30
  • Watch new videos debuting almost every day, with original programming created by Blizzard and an award-winning team of producers, writers, filmmakers, and on-air talent.


  • BlizzCon Opening Week—October 25 to 29
  • Blizzard Arena Los Angeles hosts the initial rounds of the esports tournament finals culminating at BlizzCon for World of Warcraft®, Heroes of the Storm®, and StarCraft® II.


  • BlizzCon 2018—November 2 to 3
  • BlizzCon kicks off with a pre-show and our biggest announcements at the opening ceremony, broadcast live starting at 10:00 a.m. PDT/5:00 p.m. GMT on Nov. 2 from the Anaheim Convention Center.


  • Virtual Ticket broadcasts live for the duration of the show, livestreaming key content and providing exclusive access and interviews with developers, community personalities, and esports pros.


  • In addition to two full days of news, developer panels, and community entertainment across multiple stages, BlizzCon features the ultimate competitions in Blizzard esports:
  • StarCraft II WCS Global Finals
  • World of Warcraft Arena World Championship Global Finals
  • World of Warcraft Mythic Dungeon Invitational All-Stars
  • Heroes of the Storm Global Championship Finals
  • Hearthstone Global Games Finals
  • Overwatch World Cup Finals


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