Der bekannteste Streamer ist mit World of Warcraft fertig

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Es gibt viele erfolgreiche World of Warcraft Streamer, die aufgrund ihre Sympathie überzeugen, oder wegen ihrer Erfolge bekannt geworden sind. Die besten Streamer haben mehrere hundert oder einige tausend Zuschauer gleichzeitig. Doch wenn Asmongold seinen Stream anschmeißt, dann können alle anderen Streamer einpacken. Bei ihm schauen zum Teil mehrere zehntausend Zuschauer zu.

Vor einigen Tagen hat Asmongold aber seine Fangemeinde regelrecht geschockt, als er bekannt gab, dass er mit World of Warcraft fertig ist. Er spielt World of Warcraft sein ganzes Leben lang und dachte nie, dass es einmal soweit kommend wird. Doch der fehlenden Spaßfaktor in Battle for Azeroth hat es geschafft. Es gibt viele interessante Inhalte im Spiel. Die ständigen Wiederholungen vom gleichen Content machen ihm jedoch immer weniger Spaß.

Und nicht nur er selbst hat keinen Spaß mehr mit seinem Charakter. Auch seine Zuschauer zeigen immer weniger Interesse. Aus diesem Grund hat er nun beschlossen weniger World of Warcraft zu streamen und stattdessen auch andere Spiele zu spielen. Ganz aufhören wird er jedoch nicht. Seine Zukunftsaussichten sind aber auch nicht gerade positiv. Er gibt Blizzard die Schuld daran, dass WoW so langweilig geworden ist und glaubt auch nicht, dass Blizzard die „Fehler“ so schnell wieder beheben kann.

To add a bit more context to this clip, my concerns are about 50% BFA and 50% stream-specific.

What I mean by that is while BFA is still something that I play off-stream and even accidentally enjoy on occasion, it's not something that my audience seems to enjoy watching. This creates a pretty big disconnect between what content my audience likes and what I feel is creatively fulfilling.

While I love to do transmog contests, mount-offs, and other events, you can only do them so many times until you get bored. In Legion this was of course a problem but the difference was that many more people seemed to be intrinsically interested in content outside of contests because they were engaging in that same content themselves. In BFA I feel that a lot of my audience has lost interest with the game and conversely lost interest in consuming content that's centered around BFA.

This is compounded with the recent jump in popularity that I've had that literally more than doubled my metrics (viewers, followers, subscribers, etc). It put my stream in front of a lot of new faces, many of which don't even play WoW. In fact, according to my Twitch analytics, only 17% of my viewers have actively consumed WoW content on Twitch in the last 7 days. Because of that growth, it's caused me to make my content more accessible which leaves out a large swath of activities that novice and non-WoW players don't understand or appreciate (mythic raiding, high M+, high end arena, etc). It's easy for someone who doesn't play WoW to understand and follow along with a transmog contest but it's a lot harder for that same person to follow along with a M+15 Freehold.

I would also be lying if I didn't acknowledge that BFA itself is partly responsible for my disillusionment of the current game. It's shallow, dull, meaningless, and not fun. On a personal level, I do not enjoy playing my character. I don't find M+ fun at all, it's boring, repetitive, and mostly trash. I could go on and on but I'm sure anyone who's familiar with my content knows what I'm going to say.

It would take realistically 3 or 4 expansions for Blizzard to undo all of the mistakes and missteps they've made with the current game at this point and I fear that in the expansion after this, that number will go to 4 or 5 rather than 2 or 3. The developers are fundamentally disconnected with the playerbase on an emotional and psychological level which is what leads to the many instances of Ion explaining to us that we're having fun in the wrong way.

I don't think I'm ever going to stop streaming WoW, but I do think that I'll start streaming other games too. BFA has made that a clear necessity and also my own creative expression isn't fulfilled by just WoW streams anymore.

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