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In Battle for Azeroth spielt das Herz von Azeroth als neues Artefakt eine große Rolle. Durch dieses schaltet ihr bestimmte Azerit-Fähigkeiten für drei unterschiedliche Slots frei. Kopf, Schultern und Brust werden verstärkt. Dabei gibt es zwischen den einzelnen Fähigkeiten große Unterschiede, wodurch nicht alle Azerit-Items gleichwertig nutzbar sind. Ein Gegenstand wird durch die „falschen“ Azerit-Boni im Zweifelsfall sogar schlechter für bestimmte Klassen, selbst wenn es ein höheres Item-Level und somit höhere Attribute aufweist.

Azerit-Rüstung & Artefaktwissensstufen

Nachdem Blizzard bereits für Heiler und Tanks einige Anpassungen gebracht hat, äußerte sich Community Manager Lore im offiziellen Forum erneut zu dem Thema Azerit-Boni und deren Schwierigkeiten. Ideal wäre, wenn die Kluft zwischen guten und schlechten Boni nicht wirklich vorhanden wäre und ihr demnach frei aus den besten Items wählen könntet. Aus diesem Grunde habe Blizzard bereits einige der Fähigkeiten angepasst. Eine Rundum-Lösung für das allgemeine Problem, welche dennoch bestünde, habe Lore gerade nicht parat.

Zukünftig würde es seiner Meinung nach nicht noch einmal solch großen Balance-Anpassungen an den Azerit-Fähigkeiten geben, wie es bisher der Fall war. Sollte ein Bonus allerdings viel zu stark oder zu schwach sein, könnte es noch einmal Änderungen geben. Blizzard wolle auf neuen Gegenständen, die in neuen Inhalten fallen gelassen werden, neue Azerit-Boni veröffentlichen. Auf alten Gegenständen, die schon im Spiel vorhanden sind, wird sich nichts ändern.

Azerite - Worst Itemization in WoW's History

First off, thanks for putting this thread together. Even if phrases like "Worst Itemization in WoW's History" are a bit hyperbolic (seriously, I can't be the only one who remembers farming level 30 dungeons for AQ40 resistance gear), you've summarized a lot of the discussions we've been seeing around the community very well. It really helps us clarify exactly what we need to be focusing on.

I'll speak to each of your points as best as I can:

Regarding targeting specific traits: I think we've said this a few times now, but just to reiterate, we believe that's merely a symptom of the imbalance between traits. Ideally, the gap between them isn't so large that you feel it would be hugely beneficial to grind out the perfect set.

The point about traits being "useless and uninteresting" is interesting considering that you also make the point of "every gear change requires simming." These two points are kind of at odds with each other. The way to solve the simming issue would be to make the traits more simplistic in nature. Similarly, making traits with more outside-the-box designs leads to more complicated questions of "is this better or not," which in turn encourages more simming. Either way, it's an interesting challenge, and one we're taking to mind as we move forward with traits in future updates.

I think we agree that re-farming traits doesn't feel great. I don't have a solve for that issue to share today, and to be completely transparent it may be something we simply have to accept as a downside to the system for other reasons. But we agree it can be a bit of a downer.

I mentioned the imbalance between traits before, but just to expand on that: that's why we've focused so much effort into tuning Azerite traits over the past few weeks. With this most recent round of tuning, we think we've gotten most of the really egregious outliers dialed in, but please let us know if there are any you still feel are so good that they're worth huge sacrifices in terms of item level.

As to the point about reforging costs: these costs get so high because we want the behavior you're describing -- reforging constantly depending on what you're doing -- to be unsustainable. Our intention is that you either build out multiple sets of gear for different situations, or you lean towards traits that work in a variety of roles (even if they're maybe not the absolute best for each in particular). We added the reforging system to help ease cases like, for example, a DPS who suddenly finds themselves needing to transition to being their guild's main tank, not as a means for constantly re-adjusting traits like a second set of talent points. Maybe the current system isn't achieving that, but if it isn't, we're likely to become MORE restrictive on reforging, not less.

And finally, regarding the tuning passes: like I mentioned, we think we've got most of the major outliers dialed in to an acceptable level at this point. There's likely to still be some adjustments here and there, but we don't believe we're going to need another big wave of Azerite trait tuning like you've seen over the last few weeks. To put it another way: if one trait is far and away the best compared to every other option, sure, we should probably do something about that, but we don't expect that to take the form of a widespread tuning pass going forward.

Also, to Ion's comment about new traits being introduced: he was referring to new traits on new gear added in new content, with higher item level, that replaces your old gear entirely. We're not planning to add in new traits to existing items, so don't worry about holding onto old Azerite pieces just in case their traits change.


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