Patch 8.2: Klassenänderungen beim Todesritter & Krieger

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Mit den letzten Patch 8.2 Builds hat Blizzard noch Klassenänderungen vorgenommen. Anpassungen gibt es beim Frost-Todesritter und beim Waffen-Krieger.

Klassenänderungen beim Frost-Todesritter

As people have noticed, a few changes on PTR, mainly intended to respond to concerns about the level 100 row:

This is still a net buff to Breath in the patch, due to the addition of the 4 Runes. But the damage buff to Frost Strike primarily improves the other two talents. Icecap/Icy Citadel builds should also be a good bit more competitive.

Quelle: World of Warcraft Forum

Klassenänderungen beim Waffen-Krieger

A few changes that don’t appear to have made it into this PTR pull are:

Pretty straightforward–the Deep Wounds buff is largest to boost the value of Mastery somewhat.

Quelle: World of Warcraft Forum

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