Neue Raid-Tests in der Nachtfestung

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Blizzard hat heute weitere Raid-Tests für die Nachtfestung angekündigt. Doch wieso werden Boss-Kämpfe in diesem Schlachtzug erneut getestet? Schließlich gehört die Nachtfestung zu WoW Legion selbst und ist nicht Bestandteil eines Patches. In einem längeren Artikel erklärt Blizzard was es mit diesem Test auf sich hat.

Es werden keine neuen Boss-Mechaniken getestet. Sämtliche Beschreibungen der Bosse und Fähigkeiten sind bereits fertig und in allen Sprachen lokalisiert. Doch seit dem Legion Release hat sich einiges geändert. Unter anderem werden mit Patch 7.1.5 zahlreiche Klassenanpassungen vorgenommen. Daher lässt Blizzard nochmal Raid-Gruppen gegen die Boss-Kämpfe antreten. Geändert werden jedoch keine Mechaniken, sondern nur Werte der Fähigkeiten. Daher sind vor allem Log-Dateien für Blizzard sehr wertvoll.

Über die angesprochenen Klassenanpassungen aus Patch 7.1.5 werden wir übrigens schon bald mehr erfahren.


Heroischer Test in der Nachtfestung

Die Nachtfestung ist bereits auf den PTRs zugänglich. Getestet werden aktuell die ersten vier Boss-Kämpfe im heroischen Schwierigkeitsgrad: Skyopyron, Chronomatische Anomalie, Trilliax und Aluriel die Zauberklinge.

We're opening up the Nighthold raid on PTR, with Skorpyron, Chronomatic Anomaly, Trilliax, and Spellblade Aluriel available on Heroic difficulty. (The raid is actually open now - a bug was preventing access earlier.) We'll be leaving these bosses up for a couple of days. Please use this thread to for feedback or bug reports on any of the encounters. When providing tuning feedback, please note the nature of your raid group (e.g. Mythic guild group, PUG, etc.).

Links to parsed logs are tremendously helpful.

Well, part of the point of opening Nighthold and leaving it open for a longer period of time is to let groups get in and give contextual feedback on class mechanics, as well as to gather data to help with tuning. If we were solely interested in polishing the encounters, we'd be doing short 1-hour tests that could be observed by the encounter design team in their entirety. But this approach lets a lot more people get in and try things out.

Basically no numerical tuning based on 7.1.5 changes has been done yet: in test builds and development, the primary initial focus tends to be on qualitative design changes, both to allow for time to iterate on them, and because there's a much smaller development window during which we can make large changes to text in tooltips (since everything needs to be translated for the game's different regions before a patch can be finalized). Numbers changes are best done when designs are closer to final (there's little point fine-tuning something that may get ripped out entirely next build), and can be done very late in the PTR cycle. Raid tests like this help tremendously with that process.

The past couple of weeks have been full of distractions, with a long holiday weekend in the middle, and we haven't done a great job of communicating regarding the 7.1.5 class and systems changes. We'll be working to correct some of that in the coming days, but I understand that there's more than a little frustration and distrust to overcome.

In the meantime, I'll rename this thread, and make a new one for Nighthold. Please try to keep that one clear for feedback and logs from the instance, so that everyone can have a more polished experience in the long run. Thanks.

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